sliding doors wardrobe with drawer section.

initially designed to fit a small entrance hallway, this wardrobe can be made to fit larger hallways or function as a stand-alone piece. sliding doors with concealed runners are fitted flush with the frame, creating a sophisticated appearance both in open and closed state. an inset base allows busy feet to quickly stove shoes away from the floor space.


the task was to create a closed off wardrobe for a small 3.5m2 entrance hall that could help a family of four stay organised and keep shoes and clutter away from precious floor space.

Wardrobe with hidden rails, middle sliding door open

⅔ of the wardrobe is designated coats and shoes. frequently used shoes can be slipped under the wardrobe against the inset base, helping to keep an obstruction free hallway.

Wardrobe drawers open

spacious drawers make organising family members' belongings easy. xxl bottom drawer for everything else.


the doors are suspended from bogies rolling along an aluminium rail attached to the ceiling of the wardrobe. a small, hidden guide pin keeps each door in the correct position at the bottom.

wardrobe door sliding bracket fastening detail

cantilevered attachment of the doors allow them to be positioned off centre of the bogie assembly, making it possible to have the guide rails hidden and the doors flush with the outer frame front surface.

Detail image of door guide pin

the bottom guide pins are hidden from view in every door position.

Wardrobe plan view technical drawing
Wardrobe front view technical drawing
Wardrobe side view technical drawing


  • freehand sketching
  • technical drawing
  • 3d visualisation
  • cabinet carpentry


  • adobe illustrator
  • blender